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JavaScript named favourite for Salpo front-end development

What’s the best programming language for front-end development? For Salpo’s Head of Software Architecture, Thimal Jayasooriya, JavaScript is the natural choice, as he explained to iFour Technolab recently.  Thimal was posed the question, alongside other software development experts, and made a compelling case for this trusted programming language that’s (almost inconceivably) approaching its 25th birthday […]

How to choose the right custom software development company

Choosing a software developer can be tricky. There are many factors to consider, and the right choice for one project may not work for another. Thankfully, we’ve been around the block a few times so we’ve got a good handle on this.  Here’s our guide to making your decision a little easier. Yep, we’re a […]

3 things you need before starting a software development project

Got a great software idea? Awesome. Sadly, that’s just the start. If we had a tenner for every great idea that went nowhere, we’d…you get the idea. The point is, you need some other fundamentals in place before beginning any custom software or mobile app project. Our custom software and app projects typically start with […]

7 COVID-19 cyber security steps to keep your business safe

In the shadow of COVID-19, businesses have been forced to adopt new technologies and adapt to new ways of working, mostly to positive effect. But without the proper safeguards, the consequences could be devastating. As a software development company, we’re acutely aware of the pivotal role technology has played in helping businesses to overcome the […]

Brand new look for Salpo and clarity for our clients

We’ve changed…on the outside at least. We just launched a new website and updated our visual brand, tweaking our logo, font and colour palette. What does that mean for you? Very little, I’m guessing. But wait a sec… We’ve always been great at building software but not so great at explaining what we do. Essentially, […]

Salpo CRM feature update: Zapier integration

We’ve updated our Zapier integration to include more Salpo CRM functionality, enabling you to add/update more in Salpo CRM, if and when data is added/updated in another application. Using Zapier’s simple mapping tool, you can quickly set up new syncs (Zaps) then let Zapier move data across to Salpo CRM seamlessly, 24/7. Here is a […]

Salpo CEO named among top 32 tech leaders

Salpo CEO, Paul Lawrence, has been named among the top 32 tech leaders in the South West, in a list compiled by Business Leader Magazine. These top tech leaders are crucial to regional growth, as Business Leader states: “The South West is one of the UK’s richest regions in terms of tech innovation, with latest […]

School’s out but learning goes on: technology to the rescue

Schoolchildren are effectively grounded, along with their parents. But while frustration rises and tempers fray, education itself needn’t suffer. Classrooms may have closed but ‘textbooks’ don’t have to. Technology to the rescue. The transition is smoother than it might have been – these days, schools are equipped and experienced in providing online content, through platforms such […]