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How Covid-19 is positively impacting digital transformation

With vaccine talk at fever pitch, we’re all dreaming of life beyond the pandemic. And while the negative impact of Covid-19 been far-reaching, its lasting legacy may yet be positive. Clever companies have grasped opportunity from adversity, accelerating digital transformation plans to unlock growth potential. Not you? Don’t worry, there’s still time. Digital transformation was […]

Best Custom Software Development Company 2020

Yep, you read that right. We’ve just been named Best Custom Software Development Company by the Midlands Enterprise Awards 2020, presented by SME News. This is fantastic recognition for our entire team of dedicated developers, project managers and support staff.  The Midlands Enterprise Awards reward businesses and individuals who deliver services in and around the […]

5 reasons why you should invest in custom software development

Buying off-the-shelf business software is tempting – it’s accessible, quick and, on the face of it, relatively cheap. In reality, off-the-shelf software can actually cost your business more in the long run and even harm your growth potential. If properly specified and developed, custom software delivers far better value for money, along with many other […]

What’s the best way to monetise your mobile app?

Got a great mobile app idea? Sweet. Sadly that’s just the beginning. Not only do you have to build it (we can help you with that) you also need to generate money from it…unless you’re just doing this for fun. We looked at the most popular strategies to make money from your mobile app. What […]

What makes Python the best programming language?

It doesn’t take much to get us talking tech. We were recently asked for our expert opinion on “why Python is the king of programming languages” and – as prolific and proud Python users – we happily obliged. Python is renowned for its power, versatility, ease of use and accessibility. To further articulate what makes […]