Big Data


Our big data solutions are among the world’s largest,
ingesting hundreds of millions of records every day.

Big Data





Go big or go home

Big business

Data has become the world’s most valuable resource, especially for business. So make the most of it. Harness our tools and experience to extract maximum value from your data.

Big experience

We’ve developed big data solutions for some of the world’s biggest companies, including the largest elastic search database on AWS, which has ingested 45 billion records and counting.

Big expertise

Our 50-strong development team are committed to remaining at the forefront of software innovation, embracing and implementing the latest big data technology and tools.

“Salpo gave us a high-performance big data solution capable of fulfilling our growing data requirements and meeting global customer expectations.”

Nick Parfitt, Acuris Risk Intelligence

Seriously big data

We love big data

Our custom big data solutions are among the world’s largest, ingesting hundreds of millions of records every day, supported by advanced AWS infrastructure.

Tools to simplify complexity

  • Data ingestion and processing
  • Data storage and mining
  • Data analytics and visualisation
  • Complex data lake development
  • Cyber security and protection

Go big or go home

Big data has increasingly become a core consideration for businesses across all industries. All the while, we’ve remained at the forefront of big data software development.

Big data’s big players

  • Healthcare and medicine
  • Retail and wholesale
  • Banking and finance
  • Manufacturing and energy
  • Communications and media

Why Salpo?

Our software wins awards

Our team of 50+ developers are ultra-experienced and the best at what they do, helping us to win multiple awards for our software projects.

We don’t do old tech

We only work with the best software languages, frameworks, environments, systems and tools. Time moves fast in tech. And so do we.

We’re AWS Partners

We’re an Amazon Web Services (AWS) Technology Partner, allowing us to tap into the best cloud computing resources available. So you can too.

We deliver what we promise

Our straight-talking project managers have delivered complex projects for global brands. If it can be done, we’ll do it. If it can’t, we’ll tell you.

We’re ready. Are you?

3 steps to software success…

1: A great idea

Beyond your ‘lightbulb moment’ consider the precise problem you are solving. Is there a genuine need? Does anything similar exist? What makes your idea better? Is this a full end-to-end project, MVP or just the first stage in your roadmap?

2: A realistic budget

Don’t be shy about talking numbers – we need a rough idea so we’re realistic about what can be achieved. Even with insufficient budget, all is not lost. If you have a great idea and can prove strong ROI potential, investors may fund your project.

3: A software spec

You must have a spec that effectively communicates your idea and exact requirements. We can create one for you but we don’t work for free! Good news though – if you proceed with us, the spec fee will be deducted from your build cost.

And that’s about it

Simple, right? Got all this in place? We’d love to hear from you. Missing something? Don’t panic – just tell us your idea (we provide a signed NDA) and we’ll do our best to help. And if we can’t help (very unlikely) we’ll know someone who can.

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