In the midst of Movember, in the face of impending Brexit and with a General Election approaching, our CEO, Paul Lawrence, discusses how this impacts the tech industry and what we should be doing about it.

As 2019 draws to a close, Christmas is taking a backseat to two inseparable topics – Brexit and the General Election. But while Brexit divides us like no issue before, it shouldn’t paralyse us. There are positives we should focus on. There is work to be done. Life and business must go on.

As CEO of a tech company, I see how this long-standing stalemate continues to impact and stall business decisions, while uncertainty prevails. We are in danger of talking ourselves into slowdown and recession.

We need to look beyond Brexit, highlight the positives of British business and continue to move forward, regardless of whether we leave or remain. Naturally, but truthfully, I believe technology holds the key to the UK’s future business success.

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