With little time to prepare, most employees have been confined to their homes until further notice. And with experts predicting it’ll take months to satisfactorily ‘flatten the curve’ businesses must quickly adapt or risk shutting down completely. And for our key services, the stakes are even higher.

Workers have been thrust into the unknown (or, more typically, the box room) equipped with little more than a laptop. For some organisations this is no big deal – they already share docs via G Suite, instant message on Skype and collaborate on Slack. Meetings will continue to be held, approvals granted and progress tracked. Business as usual. Almost. Luckily (for us) this is our situation, along with most progressive tech companies. But for many others, this is no simple transition.

Technology plays a vital role

We’re acutely aware of the problems facing certain sectors, like travel, hospitality and retail. Some of our clients are represented here, and we sincerely hope they survive and emerge defiantly. There are also many companies that can continue to operate but must quickly evolve their processes to stay in business, let alone remain competitive. As usual, we believe technology has a vital role to play, particularly where operations impact key services, like healthcare and the infrastructure that supports it.

Our client, Freedom Technology (part of the CSI leasing group), runs innovative salary sacrifice and 1:1 schemes to give organisations, employees and students affordable access to the latest technology, via the software solution we built. The sales teams of HP and Lenovo use this software to get the best tech into the hands of key workers across the NHS and education sector. This is vital to ensure these services continue to operate and meet increasing demand.

Happily, we helped Freedom Technology to streamline their operation, so they’re well equipped to cope. We built four portals in a new custom framework, to handle distinct customer segments, while devising and implementing a simple online ordering system. The process is smooth for customers and convenient for Freedom Technology and their partners, allowing clear visibility of all orders via the portal, and removing human error from the process. Everything operates in a secure and stable environment, hosted and maintained by Salpo Technologies.

The web portals Salpo built seamlessly connect our sales, admin and CRM, making our process around three times faster and allowing us to allocate resources elsewhere.”

James Gunson, Freedom Technology

Obviously Freedom Technology face many other challenges, as we all do, but their core business can continue to function.

Our software allows their workforce, partners and customers to perform all necessary actions online, so everyone can quickly access what they need.

Why wait? Act now…

We’ve helped many other clients solve business problems, supporting them to improve processes, save time and drive profits. As the business landscape changes, the best businesses will adapt and thrive. Now is not the time to panic. And it’s not the time to sit back. If you can make your business more efficient and effective now, why wait? And if you’re being relied on by key services, you must act quickly. Talk to us now.

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