Customer relationship management is evolving, but many businesses are being left behind. It’s time to demand more from your CRM platform, says our CEO, Paul Lawrence.

Most businesses understand the importance of good contact management but only scratch the surface of what a CRM platform can do. Contact management is still key, particularly in the wake of GDPR, but CRM can and should be so much more. A truly dynamic platform can transform a business, connecting systems, streamlining processes, scheduling work?low, reporting on data, increasing efficiency and driving sales.

Sadly, most CRM platforms fall short. Although the marketplace is crowded, many big players rest on their reputations, investing in marketing over innovation. Meanwhile, owners lack the time to research their options, often picking the first platform they try – likely not the best fit for their business. But once they’ve signed up, migrated data and trained staff, most are reluctant to switch.

Choose your platform wisely

While shifting platforms should be relatively painless – and at Salpo, we make it easy – it’s better to invest your time up front. Your CRM should fit your business like a home fits your family, ticking-off all your “must-haves” and many of your “nice-to-haves”.

Most CRMs offer free trials, so sign-up and take them for a spin. Look beyond the flashy packaging to understand how the features match your specific needs. Don’t assume a system can’t do something – support teams are there to help, so use them. And consider the future – can this platform be adapted to fit your evolving requirements?

Don’t be a slave to your CRM

Many ageing CRM platforms can’t be adapted, restricting users with rigid boundaries that are hard-coded into the software. At Salpo, we’ve
developed a dynamic cloud-based CRM, with a modular structure that can be tailored to fit any organisation. Businesses are only restricted by their own ideas and imagination. It may sound fantastical, but it’s true!

Typically, businesses approach us in a mess, with great ideas but poor execution. Data is often strewn across multiple spreadsheets, with accounting, inventory and email systems not talking to each other. And if a CRM is in place, it functions as a glorified database, storing contact details but doing little else. Processes are inefficient, productivity is limited, time and money are being wasted. Our CRM platform solves all this.

Your flexible friend

The starting point is understanding what your business looks like – your structure, people and processes – then adapting our platform to fit. Data fields and labels can be renamed, so your CRM reflects your language and industry terms. You can also create new custom fields to store, monitor and analyse the information that matters most to your business.

Custom modules can be added to mirror anything you record – orders, products, projects, support tickets, events, services, properties – with limitless custom fields, and multi-layered connections to individuals, companies or other modules. With business rules, you can design processes to fit your workflow, using pre-defined triggers, such as contact set-up or status changes and outputs such as document creation or call scheduling. It’s very powerful.

Joined-up thinking

Our cloud-based platform provides visibility across all teams, including mobile workers, via the Salpo CRM app. Email communications are linked with our IMAP connector, which syncs with any email client. It bridges your other software too, integrating with popular apps such as MailChimp, Zapier, Xero, Dear, G Suite and Office 365, and our open API allows you to integrate your existing systems, avoiding resource-heavy processes and the need to retire legacy software. For peace of mind, there are built-in GDPR compliance tools.

Simple to use, with advanced capabilities but without the price tag, our platform is designed to custom-fit your business, but with an off-the-shelf solution. This is not a drawn-out process, where a developer builds unique software with custom code. Our platform gives you the tools to mould the system to ?it your needs, whether building from scratch or adapting our industry templates. And we continue to expand functionality with an evolving future roadmap, fuelled by our customers.

The Salpo platform works for complex organisations, such as business improvement districts and growth hubs, and for small businesses needing leaner contact management and sales pipeline solutions. We’ve built on our framework to deliver bespoke best-in-class solutions, such as managing large data sets and designing complex pricing/quote comparison engines.

This is a powerful and adaptable activity management solution that can drive your organisation forward. So join us and let’s see where we can take you. Call us on 0333 8000 029 to arrange a demo of Salpo CRM, visit our CRM page or signup for a free trial.