Salpo CRM + DEAR is dynamic activity management
integrated with the industry's best inventory platform.

DEAR Integration

Salpo CRM + DEAR integration provides dynamic activity management
seamlessly integrated with the industry's best inventory platform.

DEAR Integration

DEAR Systems + Salpo CRM integration

Seamless integration

Salpo CRM + DEAR Systems provides dynamic contact and activity management, seamlessly integrated with the industry-leading inventory management platform.

Best in class

DEAR Inventory is the world’s best inventory management platform, created by DEAR Systems. It offers integrated accounting, inventory management, point of sale and e-commerce software.

“The connections the CRM platform makes between individuals and organisations are very helpful, as are reminder settings and converting communications.”

Willow Humphreys, Mount Zero Olives

Salpo CRM and DEAR Systems in harmony

With Salpo + DEAR you can:

  • Sync existing DEAR contacts and create new contacts in Salpo CRM
  • Add products directly from the DEAR catalogue to a new order in Salpo CRM
  • Automatically create a new opportunity in Salpo CRM, including product details, when you create a new order in DEAR
  • Create new orders in Salpo CRM and push them to DEAR, setting order stage (authorised quote, order or invoice)
  • Generate sales and product reports in Salpo CRM
  • View order status (including shipping) against either customer or order within Salpo CRM
  • Add XERO integration to complete the loop between your CRM, inventory and accounting systems

Read more about our integration on the DEAR Systems website.

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Salpo CRM DEAR integration features

Contact management

Manage your contacts and sync customer records between DEAR and Salpo CRM.

Bulk contact uploads

Add your contacts individually or upload in bulk from Salpo CRM into DEAR.

Automatic contact updates

Add customers and suppliers directly to DEAR as they progress from enquiry to sale.

Offline customer records

Use the Salpo CRM mobile app to instantly iew customer details when out of the office.

Target tracking

Set individual and team sales targets and graphically track progress against them.

Track sales performance

Use advanced filters to graphically represent sales channel performance within Salpo CRM.

Order creation

Create simple DEAR Systems sales orders from an opportunity within Salpo CRM.

Shipping status

View DEAR order shipping status details within Salpo CRM contact profiles.

Viewing stock records

Instantly view your stock records created in DEAR Systems within Salpo CRM.

Live order summaries

View live order summaries and associated opportunities within CRM contact profile pages.

Product syncing

Quickly and easily sync products held within DEAR Inventory to Salpo CRM.

Support ticket recording

Create support tickets against customer records within Salpo CRM.

Salpo CRM + DEAR video tour

“We finally have the full solution that our client has been looking for, from prospecting > onboarding > account management and events > sales and invoicing. Very pleased”

Dan Fairbairn, Waypoint

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To test the DEAR integration, you will also need to create a DEAR account.