We like Eventbrite as much as the next software company – it’s a great off-the-shelf solution, and one we’ve personally enjoyed using. But you can’t beat being in control, can you? And now we are, thanks to the Salpo Events module.

Sounds technical, and I guess it is, but once set up it pretty much runs itself. The Events module sits within Salpo CRM, allowing us to input details of all our upcoming events, then automatically populate the events page on our site. All details are pulled across,  including date, time, title, description and a link to register.

When people register for an event, their details are recorded within our CRM, adding them as a contact and connecting them to the event as an attendee. Registration also triggers a confirmation email to them, including required login details etc, and one to us with details of the registration.

Once the Events module is set up, it’s a huge time saver. Do you run webinars or physical events? Is this something you could use? Register now for a free 14-day trial of Salpo CRM or contact us to book a demo. Oh, and do check out our events page for upcoming webinars.