What’s the best programming language for front-end development? For Salpo’s Head of Software Architecture, Thimal Jayasooriya, JavaScript is the natural choice, as he explained to iFour Technolab recently. 

Thimal was posed the question, alongside other software development experts, and made a compelling case for this trusted programming language that’s (almost inconceivably) approaching its 25th birthday later this year.

“JavaScript is unmatched as a language with a vibrant ecosystem, millions of committed and experienced developers worldwide, many freely available stellar teaching resources and open source repositories of code that make previously difficult tasks solved problems.”

Thimal Jayasooriya, Salpo Technologies

And Thimal’s opinion was echoed by almost all the other software experts, who voted JavaScript the undisputed language of choice for front-end development, by a margin of 8-2 votes.

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