I’m sure your inbox is filling-up with GDPR related emails (just like ours) as the deadline marches ever closer and businesses scramble to get their houses in order.

But with barely a month remaining, many organisations are still underprepared, as a recent survey by analytics software company SAS shows.

Only 49% of global organisations surveyed said they expect to comply when GDPR takes effect on 25 May. In the UK, the figure is a little higher, at 54%, while our US counterparts are unsurprisingly less prepared, with only 30% expecting to comply.

David Smith, head of GDPR Technology ar SAS UK & Ireland, stresses the need for action “At this point, senior leadership needs to take ownership of getting the whole company on board, from IT to operations, to make sure that all personal data is accurately located and appropriately handled.”

Although most businesses don’t expect to be ready, the vast majority are working towards compliance, with 93% of respondents saying they have a plan in place or expect to have one. But the time has come for action, as businesses large and small must face up to the reality of GDPR.

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