Salpo CEO, Paul Lawrence, has been named among the top 32 tech leaders in the South West, in a list compiled by Business Leader Magazine.

These top tech leaders are crucial to regional growth, as Business Leader states:

“The South West is one of the UK’s richest regions in terms of tech innovation, with latest counts putting the area’s digital tech turnover at more than £2.4bn. There are now 13,465 tech firms operating in the region, collectively employing some 78,000 people – each with a productivity equivalent to £87,000.”

Business Leader Magazine

But who are the tech leaders driving this growth?

Business Leader Magazine’s list comprises the people behind the boom – the ‘innovators, pioneers and visionaries injecting momentum into the South West’s tech scene’ – happily, our inspiring CEO was counted among them, with Paul Lawrence’s entry referencing his ‘consultative, entrepreneurial nature’ which has shaped Salpo Technologies.

Read the article and see the Top 32 South West Tech Leaders at Business Leader
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