We’ve updated our Zapier integration to include more Salpo CRM functionality, enabling you to add/update more in Salpo CRM, if and when data is added/updated in another application.

Using Zapier’s simple mapping tool, you can quickly set up new syncs (Zaps) then let Zapier move data across to Salpo CRM seamlessly, 24/7.

Here is a full list of all of the new Salpo CRM Triggers and Actions:


When a new Contact is created – IMPROVED
When a new Opportunity is created – IMPROVED
When a new Custom Module is created – NEW

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Add a new Organisation – IMPROVED
Add a new Individual – IMPROVED
Add a new Opportunity – IMPROVED
Add a Custom Module record – NEW
Add a Connection – NEW
Add a Custom Connection – NEW
Add a Communication – NEW
Schedule a Communication – NEW
Update an Individual – NEW
Update an Organisation – NEW
Update an Opportunity – NEW
Update a Contact Custom Connection – NEW

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All of the above Triggers/Actions include custom fields linked to your specific modules, so you can track more than just basic information.

We’ve also added new Search Actions, which you can combine with the Actions above.

Search Actions

Search an Individual by email
Search an Organisation by name
Another useful feature of Zapier Actions is the way you can add multiple steps to one Action. This means you can combine the Actions above into one sync (Zap).

Combined Action example:

Search an Individual by email
Search an Organisation by name
Create a connection between the two new Contacts
Create a scheduled reminder to call back
We hope these updated Triggers and Actions enable you to build out a network of applications to cover all areas of your business, with Salpo CRM in the middle, collecting and recording data from different sources.

Zapier has a free plan with a limit on how many links you can build and the number of times they run – we recommend trying it out.

If you currently use the Salpo CRM Zapier integration, your Zaps will continue to work. However, we suggest updating your Zaps with the new Triggers and Actions, as we plan to phase out older Triggers and Actions. We will give you plenty of notice, so you can ensure your Zaps continue to function.

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