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Big Data

We love big data

Our big data solutions are among the world’s largest, ingesting hundreds of millions of records every day.

  • Cyber ingestion engines
  • Complex analytics solutions
  • Custom database development

45 billion records and counting

We built one of the largest elastic search databases on AWS, supporting Acuris Risk Intelligence to fight cyber crime.

“Salpo gave us a high-performance big data solution capable of fulfilling our growing data requirements and meeting global customer expectations.”

Nick Parfitt, Acuris Risk Intelligence

Micro Learning

We empower learning

Our micro learning platforms support businesses to deliver tailored content to users then analyse engagement.

  • Content creation platforms
  • User engagement apps
  • Complex analysis tools

Create, engage, analyse

We built an innovative digital engagement platform which empowers content creators to build, deliver, engage and analyse.

“Plasmo is powering my business, allowing users to access a range of rich content, including articles, images, videos and quizzes, then measuring and analysing their engagement.”

Joel Williams, Founder and CEO, Tencil


We simplify complexity

Our financial platforms include complex calculation engines that power key players in the financial sector.

  • Pricing/billing comparison tools
  • Complex calculation engines
  • Financial systems integration

Streamlining processes

We built an extremely complex comparison engine to support EVO Payments’ global network of sales agents.

“Salpo have built a platform to streamline our complex sales processes, across our global network, helping us to save time and money while gaining a real competitive advantage.”

EVO Payments


We make apps that shine

Our mobile apps are perfectly coded, rigorously tested, effortlessly functional and undeniably beautiful.

  • iOS and Android apps
  • Native and hybrid builds
  • Business, education and lifestyle

Shaping visitor experience

We built a custom mobile app for Cheltenham festivals, with a beautiful front-end user interface and complex back-end functionality.

“This exciting digital project has enhanced the Festival experience for our visitors. Salpo’s support is invaluable in helping us to realise our digital ambitions for the future.”

Ian George, Cheltenham Festivals


We facilitate opportunity

Our sales portals transform businesses, while delighting consumers, and are used by the likes of HP and Lenovo.

  • Consumer web portals
  • Sales processing platforms
  • Sales system integration

Faster, faster, faster

We built multiple custom web portals for Freedom Technology, helping to make their tech leasing process three times faster.

“The web portals Salpo built seamlessly connect our sales, admin and CRM, making our process around three times faster and allowing us to allocate resources elsewhere.”

James Gunson, Freedom Technology


We support business

Our flexible business platforms support organisations to increase efficiency, save money and drive sales.

  • Contact and email management
  • Sales pipeline management
  • Event and asset management

A platform for strong growth

We built a customised CRM business platform, providing the foundation for The Growth Hub to grow and thrive.

“Salpo are helping us to push the boundaries on how we can make use of the CRM system and our business processes, to evolve our service and proposition.”

James Brown, The Growth Hub

Why choose Salpo?

Our software wins awards

Our team of 50+ developers are ultra-experienced and the best at what they do, helping us to win multiple awards for our software development projects.

We don’t do old tech

We only work with the best software development languages, frameworks, environments, systems and tools. Time moves fast in tech. And so do we.

We’re AWS Partners

We’re an Amazon Web Services (AWS) Technology Partner, allowing us to tap into the best cloud computing resources available. So you can too.

We deliver what we promise

Our straight-talking project managers have delivered software development projects for global brands. If it can be done, we’ll do it. If it can’t, we’ll tell you.

We’re ready. Are you?

Just one more thing…

Got a great idea?

Awesome. Sadly, that’s only half the deal. If we had a pound for all the great ideas that went nowhere, we’d…well, you get the idea.

Our software development projects typically begin with clients saying: “I’ve got this great software idea” or “I’m facing this big business challenge” – while we’d love to just get cracking, there are some hoops to jump through first.

Thankfully, this ain’t our first rodeo, so we know the steps inside-out. With that in mind, we’ve prepared a little checklist for you to think about…

What we need from you*

  • Idea – We hope you’ve got this one covered! But exactly what do you want to achieve? Is this a full project, MVP or the first stage in your roadmap?
  • Spec – Have you got one? We can create one for you but we don’t work for free. If you proceed, the fee will be deducted from your final build cost.
  • Budget  – How long’s a piece of string, right? But we do need a rough idea, versus your requirements, so we’re realistic about what can be achieved.

*Missing something? Don’t panic! Get in touch…

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