Feel like just another client on a long conveyor belt of software development projects? Perhaps you’re kept out of the loop until the last minute and your feedback isn’t taken on board. You deserve better.

For more than a decade, we’ve been developing custom software and applications to match the needs of businesses big and small. Our leading-edge experience and expertise keeps us on the pulse of the latest technology developments and processes, helping us to deliver the highest quality service to our clients.

We are agile. We don’t believe in a one-size-fits-all approach. Every piece of software is tailor-made to your needs. That’s why we are committed to an Agile Software Development methodology. It guarantees that collaboration between our cross-functional teams and clients remains constant throughout the project. The Agile Software Development process is a tried and tested method that ensures the best results.

What is Agile Software Development?

Agile Software Development is an alternative way of thinking. It’s a step-up from software development methodologies of yesteryear, including rapid application development, and is now the preferred development methodology versus the Waterfall model. Agile Software Development is the overarching term for a set of frameworks, based on the twelve principles behind it. It allows developers to be flexible throughout the project and adds another layer of rigour, positively impacting finished output. It allows the flexibility to adapt, evolve and improve, within a flexible framework that ensures the best results.

The Twelve Principles of the Agile Manifesto

The term itself is not just jargon. Agile Software Development is far more than that. It removes impersonal tools and processes which can leave you feeling like a number, replacing this with the flexibility to adapt to your unique project and business needs.

The Twelve Principles are:

1. Seeking the best results throughout the whole project.
2. Making sure the client is satisfied with the delivery of the project from start to end.
3. Embracing change to gain an advantage over competitors.
4. Taking on changes no matter how far into the project we are.
5. Ensuring that work is completed at a constant pace.
6. Dividing work into smaller chunks so that they can be completed more efficiently.
7. Appreciating that self-sufficient teams deliver the best results.
8. Bringing the team and business owners together on a daily basis.
9. Maintaining a supportive and trusting environment where individuals can thrive.
10. Reflecting on how the team can become more effective and putting this into action.
11. Promoting sustainable efforts.
12. Measuring progress and success by how much work has been completed.
How can Agile Software Development benefit you?

Back in the days when developing software was based on the Waterfall model, where solo coders and large teams alike had little interaction with the testers, product owner end clients, it was easy for things to go wrong. Issues weren’t identified until the last minute, resulting in costly delays and some projects being scrapped entirely. The Agile process ensures communication throughout, with each team member kept in the picture. For larger organisations, Agile can be scaled, with a tiered approach that deals with three levels of a business – programme, portfolio and team – giving it the flexibility to fit.

Why Adopt Agile Software Development with Salpo?

We are experts in software development and pride ourselves on our knowledge and specialist experience. By utilising the iterative approach of Agile we maintain effective communication and produce continuous releases throughout the project. Our software development teams continually examine fit for purpose, meaning no unwanted surprises at the end.

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